Hate Phase 2 of FMD?

I love Hailey's plans. They work. They use real food to heal the body. There are no gimmicks, no hardcore workouts, no starving yourself. You become healthier every second you follow any one of her plans.

I am, however, a tad bit disappointed that she talks about the difficulties of Phase 2 in her book. When I read the book, before I even started the plan, I was dreading P2. My first week, it was HELL, because I had the notion I should hate it. It wasn't until I started getting creative with the food list, and I started to see that while P2 is very different, it is NOT a time of the week to dread. There are SO many options! All it takes is a little creativity.

I am a carnivore. I love meat and could never willingly go vegetarian for an extended period of time, unless it was decreed by my doctor for survival purposes. I happen to also like veggies, and while I like about half of the P2 list, I am still IN LOVE with P2.

I have a Phase 2 cookbook in the store, over 30 recipes for entrees, side dishes, smoothies, sauces, breakfast ideas. Chicken Noodle Soup, stir fries, my meatball recipes and variations, salad dressings, fajitas. This eBook is my biggest seller. I am working on ideas for a second one! Subscribe to my blog for more Phase 2 recipes in the coming months.

The Smoothie Cookbook has FIFTEEN Phase 2 smoothie recipe ideas! Chocolate, Mojito, Citrus Punch, Mocha and more.

Try this smoothie with egg whites or Great Lakes Brand Beef Collagen Powder for a P2 meal or snack- or if you just want a treat, it is a freebie without the protein!

Rhubarb Lime Smoothie
Phased 2 and 3

2 cups fresh or frozen rhubarb chunks
1 peeled lime
Zest of 1 lime
2-3T xylitol, or to taste
1-2 cups ice
1/2 cup water, or more for thickness you like

Blend everything together in high speed blender and enjoy!


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  2. How do I subscribe to your blog and purchase your phase 2 cookbook?
    Thank you, Vicki

    1. At the very bottom of the page, you can enter your email address to get updates.
      The store link is in the upper right corner. Click that and it will take you to the site that sells my books. They're all PDF downloads

  3. I went to https://gumroad.com/thecleverspoon to look at your different cookbooks. I saw the six different cookbooks (volumes 1 through 6), but I didn't see anything that was specifically for Phase 2. Could you please tell me which of your cookbooks you are referring to in this blog post? Thank you.

  4. Hi There
    I just purchased your smoothie recipes Version II.
    Are they single servings? I am assuming not - based on the number of cups you end up with. I didn't see anywhere that tells you that.

    Whats your advice on 'extra' if you are the only one drinking ... Cutting down the recipe I'm guessing. Im thinking these are not things you can make and save for the next day.

    Thank you!

    1. The smoothies recipes are for 1 serving each.

  5. I made a vegetarian meal that I saw on your site and it was delicious. Are there more for P 2?

    1. I don't have many p2 vegetarian meals because technically, beans aren't p2. But that's what I would eat if I were vegetarian.


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