Re-organizing the Fridge

I have recently become somewhat intrigued by TikTok. I have found many cool ideas for cleaning, organizing, cooking, general life hacks and overall happiness. One recent video sparked my interest and I went in search of others who did the same. This user decided to remove her produce from the drawers and put it in the door on on the shelves. She then put her condiment jars in the produce drawer. 

A giant lightbulb went off in my head. Every week, I throw away pounds of produce that I forget is even IN the fridge or is buried in the myriad of plastic bags that it gets stored in. So much money down the drain and if you know me- I HATE to waste money. 

There were tons of other videos about pantry and fridge organization- with cute clear containers to neatly stack the snacks in, pour the cereal in, the laundry soap- literally everything. While these are quite satisfying to watch- not all applied to my particular life and I feel some are made just for clicks. Like- WHO buys all those ridiculous snacks for their house?

I got to thinking, then searching the internet for the containers that would work for ME and my food. I will say- I have not organized my pantry, because my pantry consists of one cabinet next to the stove, two shelves above the dryer, half of 2 shelves in the garage and a couple random spots in the dining room. But the fridge? I can tackle that. 

I got the containers and went to organize. I did throw out a large bag of rotten produce and countless containers of leftovers from who-knows-when. I cleaned the drawers and shelves. I washed new produce, chopped celery and carrots and peppers. All the mustards, ketchups, sauces, dressings, yogurts, dips, pickles, jams went into the top produce drawer. The only shelves on the fridge door that are not produce are the very bottom and the very top. 

My larger containers went in the fridge shelves. I can see what produce I have. I have lots of things prepped and ready to cook with. I tested it out- and I had pepper slices that stayed super fresh for over a week!! That has never happened before! I also have tons of room. I really hate to have to take out 20 things to get to one item. I need it all front and center. 
No more plastic bags in the fridge! One shelf is designated for the aged egg nog we are making for holiday gifts (very much NOT FMD) and leftovers. The other shelves are fresh foods, neatly arranged and kept super fresh. 

Peppers, cucumbers, squash and lettuce on the door- where I can easily see and grab. 

I know- I know... lots of you are gonna say produce will go bad on the door. It is too warm on the door. Well, when I can see them, I eat them. When I eat them, they do not have time to go bad. I have thrown out zero produce in the 2 weeks I have had this system in place. NONE!

Try this out if you think it will work for you. If not, use your drawers. You do you, boo. 

Here are the plastic bins I bought, in case you are wondering. (If you click these links and buy, I may get a small percentage, at no cost to you) Feel free to shop around and see what will work in your fridge. (the blue lidded containers are from WalMart and I don't remember the brand- I have had them for years) 3 piece set large container large container  egg container  door boxes

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