Cloud "Coffee" - Phases 1 and 3

Have ya'll seen the new craze with Cloud Coffee, or Dalgona Coffee? It is whipped instant coffee that you put on top of cold or hot milk/cream. It looks super fun and it seems like every person on my Facebook is making this right now! 

Well, I played around with Dandy Blend and after 3 tries, I got it! 

Here is what I know so far- 
If you use xylitol, you will need to use very hot water so it dissolves. Or whiz it up in a blender first so it is a fine powder.

This is a pretty strong brew. If you do not like strong coffee/Dandy Blend, I would skip it. 

I have not tried this with other coffee subs. 

I highly suggest putting this on top of almond or coconut milk from a carton. The strong coffee taste needs to have lots of milk to tame it down. You can use unsweetened brown rice or oat milk in phase 1.

I tried using my immersion blender, my stand mixer and my Vitamix. The only way that worked was with a good old whisk and glass bowl. Do not use plastic- you will waste your time.

This is a fun drink, but it is some work. 

Cloud "Coffee"
Makes 1 serving

1 cup almond OR coconut milk from a carton, chilled or warmed
1 cup unsweetened brown rice OR oat milk, chilled or warmed

2T Dandy Blend
2T xylitol powder or stevia equivalent (use sweetener to taste)
1T water- hot or cold (see notes above)

In a very clean glass bowl, whisk the Dandy Blend, sweetener, and water together, then whisk until the color lightens, and the mixture is thick and fluffy. This can take 3-5 minutes. 
Spoon onto the top of the chilled or warmed phase appropriate milk and enjoy!

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