Starting Again- My Meal Map for the Week

Lose, gain, lose, gain. I have been fighting hormones for a long time and I am needing to get this weight off. So, here I go again, with 100% conviction. Here is my meal map for the week. Maybe this will inspire you in your journey.

**edited because I got some unexpected late season strawberries that I will enjoy A LOT**

Phase 1- Monday

B: Sprouted Wheat Roll
     Mango Orange Smoothie (mango, orange and zest, zucchini, carrot, ice water, stevia)

S: Raspberries, cucumbers

L: Roasted chicken, baked sweet potato, green beans, sprouted wheat roll, strawberries

S: Strawberries, carrot sticks

D: Brown Rice Pasta with Chunky Marinara and Turkey Meatballs

Phase 1 - Tuesday

B: Apple Crisp

S: Raspberries, cucumbers

L: Brown Rice Pasta with Chunky Marinara and Turkey Meatballs, strawberries

S: Strawberries, cucumbers

D: Hamburger on Sprouted Wheat Bun
    Sweet potato fries
    Green Beans

Phase 2 - Wednesday

B: Thin Mint Smoothie (spinach, cocoa, stevia, ice water, egg whites)

S: Turkey Meatballs, cucumbers, sweet chili sauce

L: Hamburger patty, Salad with Italian Dressing (cucumber, basil, onion, thyme, vinegar, s&p)

S: Turkey Meatballs, celery

D: Carolina BBQ Pork, steamed broccoli, rhubarb compote, cole slaw

Phase 2 - Thursday

B: Chocolate Orange Smoothie (Spinach, cocoa, orange zest, stevia, ice water, egg whites)

S: Spicy Grilled Chicken, pickles

L: Carolina BBQ Pork, steamed broccoli, rhubarb compote, cole slaw

S: Spicy Grilled Chicken, celery

D: Hamburger Steak and Onion Gravy, steamed broccoli, green beans

Phase 3 - Friday

B: 2 boiled eggs
     Chocolate covered cherry smoothie (zucchini, carrots, cherries, cocoa, almond extract, water)
     Sprouted wheat roll with cashew butter

S: Hummus, carrots

L: Hamburger Steak and Onion Gravy, mashed cauliflower, green beans, almonds

S: Chocolate avocado pudding, cucumbers

D: Tacos on sprouted wheat tortillas
     Grilled veggies

Phase 3 - Saturday

B: Blueberry Pancakes
    Cherry compote
    Fried Eggs
    Cherry Berry Smoothie (Cherries, berries, yellow squash, carrots, almond milk)

S: Iced Mocha (almond milk, cocoa, stevia, Dandy Blend) carrots

L: Taco Salad
     Creamy Jalapeno Dressing

S: Hummus, carrots

D: Curry Chicken Stew


Phase 3 - Sunday

B: Scrambled Eggs on sprouted wheat toast
    Sweet potato hash
    Chocolate covered cherry smoothie

S: Celery, cashew butter

L: Curry Chicken Stew
    Cherry smoothie

S: Iced Mocha

D: Calzones with grilled chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes, sausage, herbs
    Chocolate avocado pudding


  1. Love this, Carolyn! Thank you for your food and inspiration!!

    Stephanie~FMD FB Group

  2. Thank you for sending this. I lost 24 lbs Sep-Dec 31 and have now gained 6 lbs after several trips & events. I need to get back on track & you just motivated me. I feel like you are speaking to me! So thanks and keep sending your menus. I love being motivated!!!

  3. This saved me this week! Thank You!

  4. Thanks Carolyn! Love this...I am going through the same thing


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