How To Change Your Thinking To Be Successful on FMD

I recently found this guy and his inspirational words so very helpful. Take a gander at this short video, here. You can follow him on Instagram or Facebook. I highly suggest you do.  

These are my thoughts, as his words apply to FMD, or any healthy eating plan. 

List the times you went off plan. What is/are your trigger(s)? Write those down. 

Next- were they deliberate or unintentional?

Deliberate would be making a conscious decision to eat birthday cake on your birthday, with full intention of enjoying every bite, feeling no guilt. You plan to do this, there is an occasion for it. You make accommodation for it and move on. 

Unintentional- these are things that happen you do not plan for. Unexpected business dinner. Last minute Girl's Night Out. An emergency that throws off your timing or ability to cook. The "life happens" moments. 

Or is it boredom? Laziness? Lack of prep and planning? I will admit, these strike me more times than I like to admit. 

Next, list some things you can do to overcome these situations for a better outcome. Just like Jay says in the video, lay out your yoga mat- or in this case, get those carrots in a baggie ready to throw in your bag for snacks tomorrow. Maybe you need to organize your time so you can be sure to have time to prep. 
Are you making the prep an important event? If you find you go off plan when you haven't prepped, you are not making the prep an important part of your life. 

Maybe you need to learn to say no- to the food being passed around at work. To the drive thru on the way to work. Or maybe it isn't even no, but suggesting changes to the plan. If your boss tells you that you need to come to the business dinner, speak up about the restaurant choice. Explain you have dietary restrictions and make suggestions. If the place cannot be changed to accommodate you, explain that you will eat beforehand and be there for the meeting. Or double check the restaurant menu to see if they can accommodate your meal requirements.

One thing I will add to all this, as it leads right to it- excuses. 
As I was typing the scenarios above, I hear people saying, "But I don't have TIME"
That is an excuse. You need to MAKE time. Get the family involved. Take a hard look at your schedule. Are there tasks in your life that you can delegate? Carpooling with other parents, so you can have time to run errands and prep? Have your husband take your kids to karate, so you have an hour to cut up veggies and prepare meals ahead. Grocery pick up so you can simply order online and save yourself and hour to use for prep.
"I don't have the money"- another excuse. While this one can be a bit different than finding time, it can be done. Take the money from going out to eat to buy healthy foods. Learn how to bargain shop. Look for the best deals in your town. I have many money saving tips on by blog. Take a look at those.

Getting everything on paper helps. Just like Haylie's meal maps help you plan ahead and be prepared, this plan can help you stay on track. 

Last thing- no one expects us to be perfect. I don't expect you to be perfect, your family doesn't, so you shouldn't. Every perceived mistake is an opportunity to learn. Why did you make the mistake and what can you do to overcome it and move on.


  1. I can't quite agree about the money, I do every saving thing I can. Don't go out to eat. Only when someone is nice enough to pay for my meal.
    I very, very limited income, it is a small amount and food stamps are only $110.00 per month, so I do everything I can.

    1. Skipping expensive items like nut butters, turkey bacon, lunch meat... helps the budget. But large hunks of meat and cut them up. Most meat I buy is around 2.00/lb. Use legumes as a cheap protein and buy them dry. 1lb of stores beans for 1.50 equals about 6 cans of beans at 1.50 each. Shop sales and price compare. Making basic meals can be done on the cheap and still compliant. Shop in season produce. See if your store has a discount produce bin. Make your own veggie stock from veggie scraps you would throw away. A pot of veggie bean soup can be made for only a couple dollars and it's really tasty, good for p1 and p3.

  2. These are really awesome tips!!!! I really like hard copy for my recipes. I see that you have one or two? Just wanted to check and see if you still have them available. If so....I am going to invest.

    1. You can buy the ebooks and print the recipes. I put mine in plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder.
      I have a couple posts about printed copies and how to order


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