Head Game

I have a confession- I have not been following the plan as strict as I should be. Over the past several months, I gained back some of the weight I lost (my husband has, also) so we are doing a strict 28 days. We got lazy some days, life happened on others. There were too many weak days, too many days of not drinking enough water and eating the wrong things. While we were on plan about 80% of the time, it has added up more than I care to admit. Lesson learned. Moving on. Getting better.
Before bed each night, I say out loud to myself all the things I am grateful for, from giggles, to smiles, to good food. Hugs, kind words, my comfortable home, good job. So this past Sunday evening, as I lay down to sleep, I gave myself a pep talk in addition to my gratitude, and said out loud to myself, what my goals were for Monday. "I will drink all my water. I will work out before work. I will wake rested and ready to begin the day. I will not eat off plan- I don't need to eat off plan. I will pack enough food to not be hungry. I will end the day looking back on my accomplishments."And I did. Speaking the goals out loud makes them easier for them to be real and happen.
Last night, I repeated the same mantra, for today. While I didn't get a long workout in, I have been compliant all day. I am feeling great and proud of myself.
Now, it is time to prep for phase 2.
  • I have some delicious beef broth from my pot roast that will make a cup of soup. I can add some green onions to it, and some Miracle Noodles. It will taste SO good on the rainy day tomorrow.
  • I have cucumbers for my snacks, and I think I will make my sweet chili sauce (from my Sauces cookbook) to dip them in. So tasty- I am SO excited for that.
  • I will grill some chicken tonight and I have some ginger I think I need to incorporate somehow.
  • Tonight, I am making tacos, so tomorrow, I will have taco lettuce wraps for lunch.
  • Tomorrow night for dinner, I will make turkey burgers loaded with onion, spinach, spices. And have my husband grill onions and peppers to go with it. Add a side of broccoli- YUM!
  • Wednesday, I will have homemade chicken noodle soup, meatballs, and I must make some cole slaw to go with that turkey burger! I have missed the tang of that slaw! 
I know this rambling may be gibberish to some, but do you see what I am doing? I am finding things to be excited about in Phase 2! That excitement leads to positive energy, and positive energy leads to feeling good. Plan your meals and snacks- put something you like in there. Enjoy it. The food you eat is medicine to heal you. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings. Get your head in the game!
I learned the power of positive thoughts from the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. (buy here). She explains how positive thoughts influence what you want. I highly suggest this book, not only to be successful on this healthy plan, but for life in general. It changed my life after I read it.
What good thinks are you planning for phase 2 this week? What is your favorite thing to eat in phase 2?


  1. I love this idea! I am gearing up for another strict round of 28-days since I tried on a dress I bought for an upcoming wedding and found it *just* fits with no wiggle room. I find having a hard and fast goal (nothing wishy-washy like feeling better, etc.) such as: have some wiggle room in the dress helps me immensely.

  2. This is such a great post!! Thanks for being so open and honest - we all have those days/weeks. This is exactly what I needed to read today!! =)

  3. I love your recipes. Dedication full time has been hard for me as well. Ive shared before i cook for 2 southern men with NO wiggle room. So anything for my diet is more time. I did great from Jan to March..April and May, now not so good :( Thanks for sharing this article. I needed to hear this. I will make a menu for next week and get my grocery list ready. I know it says Donna Burnett, but I am DeChelle and have made it down roughly 50 lbs before. I know you are right about positive thinking

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love your mantra and will try one tonight. Love your recipes. I am a faithful follower..:)


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