My Tips for Phase 2 of FMD

You hate it. You dread it. You might even stress about it a bit. Phase 2...
If you have read my previous post about P2, you know how I wish Haylie had positioned this better in her book. But she didn't, and here we are, hating p2...
Only, I love p2!
I do love me some meat. And I love a challenge.
P2 is different for me and my husband because there are actually a lot of the p2 veggies we don't like- mushrooms, asparagus, collard greens, fennel. So my list is narrow. But, with some creativity, it's an easy phase.
It does take planning and prep. I have to cook meat ahead, make sure I have protein for my smoothies. I have to be sure to have celery and cucumbers available, and broccoli. Or else I fail.
Here are some other tips:
  • Colors! We eat with our eyes first, so use as many colors as you can. Red, yellow, orange bell peppers. Purple onions. White jicama.

  • Spices! Use bold flavors. Even if you don't like heat, use bold flavors. Extra garlic, fresh herbs, vinegars, a little extra salt and pepper.

  • Cooking Methods! Change it up- grill things you don't normally grill. Bake veggies or roast them. So many techniques and each offers a different flavor.

  • Lemon and Lime! Make sorbet, smoothies, lemonade. Use the zest for extra flavor in meats. These are the only fruits you can eat in p2, so enjoy them every way!
  • Rhubarb! Most people think this is a fruit. It isn't! Make smoothies or a compote. I will promise you that a rhubarb compote, all sweet and cinnamon-y, on your dinner plate, will make you jump for joy! And add it with lime in a smoothie! Life. Changing.

  • Miracle Noodles! Or Haylie's Metabolism Noodles. You can have "pasta" on p2! Use it in spicy Asian inspired stir fries. Or in soup! So many options, and they really expand your repertoire of food choices!

  • Soup! Make a pot of soup to eat with your meals or snacks. It is a light meal for when it is cold or hot. Soothing and comforting and filling!

  • Smoothies! I have always thought smoothies can change your life, and they can, really on P2. Chocolate Smoothie for breakfast? Indulge me!

  • Splurge! Save your favorite cuts of meat for p2. For me it is steak. Having that steak dinner on Thursday night is something to look forward to, and is a perfect way to cap off Phase 2!

  • Save! Save your favorite p2 veggies for p2! Don't eat bell peppers and onions all week long. You will get bored. Go through the veggies list and the ones you love the most, and can eat cups and cups and cups of, try to avoid or minimize in p1 and p3. That way they are special. Enticing.

  • Sauces! Look up recipes for sauces and use them. Mushroom gravy, my BBQ sauce, onion gravy... so many choices!
  • Head Game! Get your head right. If you spend all week stressing over p2 and how much you hate p2 and all the dang veggies in p2... you will hate p2. But if you stop to think about the things you do like: simplicity, variety, colors, textures, flavors, splurges- you will come to adore P2. Negative thoughts breed negative feelings. Get your head right!
  • Facebook! If you are in a Facebook group, study what people post about in p2. Recipes, meal ideas. Use the search tool to get ideas that you maybe you haven't tried. Check my index for p2 recipes, as well!
I hope this all helps.


  1. Great suggestions, since this is the tough phase for me. I can see how using your ideas could really change my outlook...thanks again!

  2. Thanks for promoting this attitude change. I'm looking forward to today

  3. I really love the these ideas that brig about a positive shift in attitude!
    I actually never thought I would try FMD again but I found your article while scrolling through FB, and you're actually making me feel up to the challenge of trying :)

  4. Thanks! Just curious: how do you make a stir-fry with no oil?

    1. Non Stick pan. My wok and cast iron pans both are well seasoned and non stick.

  5. Is there a certain type of miracle noodles that you would recommend to start with?

    1. Miracle is the name brand. If you Google Miracle Noodles, you can find the best price in your area. All Shiritaki noodles are allowed, such as Miracle or Haylie's Metabolism noodles.

  6. Awesome suggestions! Thank you!

  7. Great suggestions! I started using wet rubs on meat and now they are bursting with flavor. A little salt, parsley, garlic, and lemon rub -- it's delicious. There are so many variations and they make such a huge difference in the flavor and they can act as a tenderizer.

  8. Thanks for the positive spin on phase 2, you are so right!


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