P&O (Prep and Organization)

Today I am off work and I need to prep and organize (P&O). I will be working 12 hour days this week. When I work long hours, it is so easy to be lazy and just not prep, or think about eating healthy. It is really easy to just buy my lunch at work when my team orders out, and/or pick up take out on the way home. I live in the second fattest state in the country, and I am in the South, and y'all know the South loves it's fried foods...But how all that crap food makes me feel is NOT worth the ease of it. Sleepy, tired, bloated, sluggish, rumble guts...you know the feels. So, P&O is necessary! If you are just starting out, P&O is KEY. If you have been enjoying this lifestyle for many, many moons like me, it is often helpful in times of stress or busy-ness of life. 

I don't want to stress about the week. Stress is bad. Stress is yucky. Stress is like cooked spinach to me (BLECH!!) It makes me bitchy and mean and then my husband is mad and my son is telling us, 'just calm down, guys' (he is 4 and hilarious, with his hands on his hips when he says this)... just no good at all for anyone in my house and in my life. AND, The Walking Dead season premiere is on and I MUST watch (who is meeting Lucille? Please don't let it be Darryl!!!), which means little sleep tonight, so today, I must prep to save everyone from me. HA!

When I work long hours, I tend to do phase 1 the whole week. It is easier to prep, it is more enjoyable and I feel nourished. Fruit makes me happy. Happy me = happy household. Win, win, WIN. 

So planning begins now- you all get to come along as I type out my plan for today and my week. For dinners, I make 4 servings, so we can have it for lunch the next day. 
Here we go:

Apples, thawed peaches, clementines, blackberries will be the fruits for the week, but I will need to go buy some more in a couple days- Sprouts has pineapples on sale. Typing this out made me realize I didn't buy enough fruit for a week of p1!! See what planning does! It helps!

Since I have apples and oats, so we will have Apple Crisp for breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. I can make that today. What a wonderful way to start the week! 

I am making buns today, so we can have Burgers, sweet potato fries and green beans Monday night. I can patty up the meat and cut the sweet potatoes. 

Tuesday, we can have pasta, so I can make the sauce today. I shredded carrots and zucchini and onion this morning, so the sauce will be a breeze. 

Wednesday breakfast will be steel cut oats and smoothies, For dinner, I am thinking Sloppy Joes on the buns, with sweet potato home fries (my husband, aka prep cook, can cut these for me and get them in the oven to be ready when I get home)

Thursday breakfast will be pumpkin bread that I can make today, and smoothies. Dinner... hmmm. BBQ Chicken, roasted carrots, steamed broccoli, garlic biscuits. My prep cook can do most of this. 

Friday morning, pumpkin bread, smoothies. And Calzones for dinner, so I can make the pizza crust today.

So, my To Do list is:

Pumpkin Bread
Pizza Crust
Turkey Veggie Pasta Sauce
Apple Crisp
Cut Sweet Potato Fries
Hummus for my little guy
Patty the burgers

Thanks for reading along. Have a great week of great food!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought process. I've been feeling stuck and this is inspiring!

  2. I absolutely love this blog!! Thank you so much!!

  3. I have made your buns regularly and love them. When I made them last week they were so light and fluffy and. Heavenly! I don’t know what I did differently but want to do it again. Can you tell me what would make them so light. Is it the mixing rising flour or what. I figure you know the science behind it so I hope you can help. Ithry were amazing!!! Thanks

  4. I am not sure why a gmail account showed but you can respond here or at Peggy.simpkins@umwf.org


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