Check In Time

 How is everyone doing out there? I thought I would come in and ask. I worry about my people in this really weird time in history. People all over the world are facing challenges- these challenges seem to change day to day or week to week. Do you feel like this year has flown by? I do. Maybe it is the monotony of each day being the same? Maybe it is because we cannot go anywhere or do our normal summer things. We planned to get pool passes and spend the hot days at the pool, which is very close to our house and super convenient. That did not work out. Hopefully next year. 

No trips to the beach, or back home to Ohio to see my mom and other family. I feel like we are in limbo still.

The holiday season is coming up - I will be putting up the holiday decorations NEXT MONTH! That seems crazy to me, since I still feel like it is May (despite today's chilly weather!)

Is everyone still safe and eating good food? Food seems to be the only thing I can partly control right now and some days, even that is all sorts of wacky. I try hard to make healthy meals and I am about 50% successful about 50% of the days. I feel like I am in a never ending search for comfort and food used to be it but now, it isn't and I have to work hard to find comfort. Sometimes it is just funny cat videos on YouTube. My husband gets tired of me saying, "watch this!" as I shove my phone in his face. Sometimes it is painting a bird or flower or even a doodle,  or it is petting my dog, Baker, the goofy Golden, or looking outside the window at the birds and butterflies as they still flit around my garden. 

Today, as I look for jobs and pay bills and watch my bank account dwindle... I am trying hard to think only of the positive things in the world. My son is healthy and happy. He is oblivious to the dire money situation. My husband is enjoying the sports that are back on TV- him too, I keep in the dark about my feelings of being scared. Jobs are hard to find here. I have a room full of art and I want desperately to make more- but it is hard when it does not sell and I have to store it all. Luckily, watercolor is easier to store than stretched canvases are. Much less room needed for paper. I hang a lot of my art up all through my house. I wish I could share it with others. It makes me happy when something I have created makes others happy- you all should know this, right? I have been sharing my recipes with you for a few years now and I love doing that. 

Speaking of recipes- I need to go write new ones for my patrons. I almost forgot it is October 1st!! 

Please stay safe, try to eat healthy and do the best you can in this crazy world. 

If anyone wants to look at some of my art, to make you smile, or brighten your day, you can see some of it here: ArtfulMoose


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