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Man, what a crazy year, right? Pandemic, protests, and everything that comes with both. It has been a wild roller coaster ride in my house, for sure. The ups and downs of life- amplified by food shortages, shut downs, money shortages, and the everlasting hunt for toilet paper. 

As of right now, my husband is still unemployed- no one wants pictures taken and his photography business is very stagnant. His online course, Concert Photography Master Class, has been a bust so far. We worked hard at filming the videos, and editing and scripting and packaging, and making a website- launched just 7 days before everything shut down. And now, with no concerts, who wants to learn to photograph them? HA! Just our luck.

During this time, I took up watercolor painting. I have been painting in acrylic for quite some time, and completed a 30 day challenge with an online art teacher, Cinnamon Cooney, back in April. 

Since I have SO many paintings completed, I have put them in an Etsy store to try to make a bit of money. All of my paintings are on sale right now and everything ships for free. Feel free to share my Etsy store, even if you cannot purchase. The more eyes, the merrier! If you would like to follow my art page you can do that here

Here are some paintings I have done and the link to my store:

Perfect time to do some early holiday shopping!

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