Haylie talks about chewing in a couple of posts on her site. I'll link them below. Chewing is the first step in digestion. I find that I tend to eat very fast, meaning I'm not chewing my food enough. I've been this way my whole life. My old digestive system struggles with it now. I'm practicing and being mindful when I eat, and counting the times I chew. 

Here's what I've discovered over the years. I've always been fat. Some of it is genetic. I will never be 105 or even 125lbs. That's just not possible on my frame. 
In my life, I've used food to comfort. I love good food. I'm particularly fond of certain textures, like cheesecake, ice cream and pudding. Soft, creamy. I also like a tender crumb in baked goods. A quick bread with nuts is also a combo of textures I enjoy. 

Whenever I eat something that I really enjoy, I eat fast. I cannot wait to eat it. I take huge bites and then don't chew properly. I eat so fast, I do not truly enjoy it like I should. Then I'm sad that my portion is gone. That sadness can be so profound that I get another serving to sooth the sadness. And I eat too fast again. This cycle repeats until my brain has received the signal that I'm full. Except, by the the time my brain registers that fact, I'm OVER full. 

Eating slowly allows us to truly enjoy the food we eat. But this all takes practice. If you're a fast eater like me, it you can't just slow down immediately and forever. I have to really think about it. I have to concentrate on it. Here's how I practice:

  • Take super tiny bites. 
  • I put my fork or spoon down. 
  • I close my eyes and try to eat in quiet so I can really focus on the taste and texture. 
  • I mentally try to describe the food, as if I'm describing it to someone who can no longer taste. The texture, the mouth feel, the flavors, the aroma. 
  • I chew as slowly as I can. I aim for 20-30 or more chews, depending on what I'm eating. 
  • I do not prepare the next bite until I've savored the last, chewed thoroughly and swallowed. Maybe even take a sip of water. 
  • Watch your skinny friends eat. You can learn a lot. 

This is especially helpful when I'm eating something that's a rare treat. Maybe it's a non FMD treat. Haylie says to enjoy them and move on. I take that to heart. 

This is a work in progress for me. A new step in my journey. 
I'll keep practicing. 

Here's those links:

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