New Year Sale continues!

The New Year is approaching and as always, everyone makes weight loss or healthy eating a resolution.
I follow The Fast Metabolism Diet Plan by Haylie Pomroy, as well as her other plans for health and weight loss. They are all super effective and delicious and nutritious. I am never hungry or deprived.
As my continued gift to my FMD followers- if you do not own any of my recipes, ALL of my individual volume books, including my Holiday Collection book are on sale for 3.00 each with discount code NEWYEAR. You can buy just the phase recipes you want or, if you want them all, you can get my Ultimate cookbook for only 20.00 (new permanent low price).
All are ebooks you can print at home or take to a printer (like Staples or Office Depot), or you can save it to your tablet for an eco-friendly option. (be sure to save right away as link expires quickly)
All of my recipes are sugar free, dairy free, family friendly and delicious. You won't believe you are on a "diet" when you follow this plan. Be sure to pick up Haylie's book, The Fast Metabolism Diet Plan from your library or bookstore for plan details.
Here is the link to my cookbook store:
Don't forget to enter code NEWYEAR at checkout to get discounts on the individual volumes. No code needed for Ultimate.
Happy New Year and Happy Health!

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