Baking Tips for FMD

On FMD, there are lots of flours to choose from for baking. But just because there is a wide variety, doesn't mean it's all easy. 

Here are my tips for baking your FMD treats and breads. 

If you're using Sprouted Wheat Flour, it needs to be manipulated for best crumb and moisture. Sprouted wheat is pretty dry and coarse and without some additive, your baked goods can be dry and coarse. 

Any ONE of these will work. You don't need to do multiple. These works with any brand of sprouted wheat, as I've not seen much difference in brands. 

Also, my recipes have adjustments built in. These tips are for your own converted recipes. 

1. Add a bit more liquid to your recipe, if there are no vegetables in the batter/dough. Anywhere between 1 and 3 tablespoons, but it depends on the recipe. 

2. Lower your baking temp by the 15-20 degrees. You may need to shorten the baking time also, so check your baked goods about 2/3 of the way through to see if they're done. 

3. Add a splash of vinegar. I use apple cider vinegar. (White vinegar is only for cleaning) If you're making a yeast dough, do not let the yeast and the vinegar come into contact, without mixing a bit. I usually mix ingredients for a minute or so, then add the vinegar and continue mixing.

4. Add tapioca flour. This flour will help hold moisture in. It's not necessary for quick breads with veggies in them (zucchini, carrot, etc). Remove 1 tsp per cup of sprouted wheat flour and replace with 1 tsp of tapioca for every cup of sprouted wheat. 
For example: 3 cups of sprouted wheat- remove 3 tsp total from the flour and add 3 tsp tapioca flour. 

5. Add xanthan gum. I use about 1/2 to 1 tsp per recipe. This also helps retain moisture. 

If you use spelt flour in phase 1, you generally do not have to make adjustments, but if you find your baked goods dry, try one of these to see if it helps. 

If you bake with any other flours, I find adding xanthan gum is best. 

I hope this helps!!

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