Make Time For YOU!

Recently, I was evaluating my frustration over not being able to follow FMD to a tee, like I promised myself. I was rarely able to get breakfast eaten within 30 minutes of getting up. I miss my snacks frequently. And water? It seems I only get water when I am to the point of a very dry mouth. 

I have always had the mindset that the woman takes care of everything in the house- and everyone. We are caretakers, nurses, cooks, teachers- all of it. And the things we take care of take priority. But we forget to take care of ourselves.

Once I stepped back, I realized that I was busy taking care of everyone, everything else BEFORE I was taking care of me. While this sounds noble and generous and required- it really isn't. 

If you have ever flown with a child, they always tell you that in case of an emergency, to put YOUR oxygen mask on BEFORE your child's. You need to be able to help your children so you need it first. The same applies with healthy eating. 

This morning, I got up and knew I wanted to drink a warm cup of I Burn tea and a cup of hot Dandy Blend (my coffee) and make my breakfast, but the dishes needed loaded into the dishwasher, laundry needed to be folded (we are still behind from vacation and have NO clean towels) and the smoker needed to be started because we had meat ready to go and to start the smoker, I needed to clean the drip pan, empty ashes, season the meat, start the chimney with charcoals...
Normally, I do for others- the dishes, the coffee, the laundry- THEN my breakfast and drinks. Today, I did me first. You know why? Because I am important and the things I need to do for me are more important than the laundry and coffee and smoker and the other 100 things I feel I need to do every day. And you are too- your health is important. It comes before anything else. 

If you are struggling, take some time to evaluate your priorities and maybe make a shift. Put YOU first, your HEALTH first. When you make YOUR health a priority, it gets more attention. It gets the attention and time to prep your meals, or chop your veggies, or shop for the healthy foods you need. YOU are important and your HEALTH is important.

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  1. I love this! You are so on point and we have to take care of ourselves first if we are going to be any good to the rest of the family. Taking care of everyone else first is a burden we put on ourselves. Not once, since I have started taking care of my self first, have my kids or husband complained to me.


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