Staying on Track

Eating healthy is hard when the world is full of yummy goodness. Even when I love all the foods I make and they all taste wonderful- the ever tempting allure of the "other" foods out there is always lurking. 

The other hard part is time. I work a full time job- 40 hours a week. I spend about 15 hours a week on the blog and cookbook gig. I help home school my son in the evenings. So when Saturday comes, I am at the grocery stores to stock up on food. I am cleaning and doing laundry. I am baking breads and buns, making almond milk, cashew butter, hummus and more. I am sleeping in because I can't on weekdays. I am cooking big phase 3 breakfasts. Guess what happens at lunch time? (forget about snack time- I always do... ugh) By the time I get home from errands, it is 3pm. I am tired and the last thing I want to do is cook. So we usually do take out. Not always phase 3 lunch appropriate.

Being off track and skipping snacks is not good.

How do I fix this? I pride myself in time management at work. I need to apply this at home.  So, Friday nights means I cook. If I cook, I have lunch for the next day. I use grocery pick up on Friday evenings- my husband can go pick up the order while I cook (thank you WalMart). I stock up on my oils from Aldi instead of going every single Saturday. Have you BEEN to Aldi on a Saturday morning?

Doing grocery pick up on Friday means I have fruit for breakfast and lunch on Saturday. I am prepared. It also saves me time from walking through ANOTHER store. Do you use grocery pick up? It is wonderful! 

I have decided to save the big phase 3 breakfast for Sunday- the pancakes and sausage and sweet potato hash and cherry smoothie. Sunday, when I don't have to run errands and can stay in my Lularoe leggings ALL the dang day! 

What areas are you struggling with? Maybe we can come up with a plan together.

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  1. Can I just say thank you! I am also very good about the week and then the weekend comes - I stay on plan with my eating, just not enough veggies, not the right times. It makes me crazy! I will try the grocery shopping on Friday night and see how that works. (With basketball season here, I feel like a gym rat - the only issue I am not working out - just sitting and watching.) I am going to work on planning out my snacks to take with me and maybe stay more on track.


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